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Software development is a complex process that consist of distinct stages to better manage, develop and maintain an application. The stages may vary depending on project requirements, duration, team size, etc

Below you will find the principal stages of software development process we follow.

1. Research

We study your requirements and conduct research in a specific domain to deliver you our proposal that includes a development plan, recommended toolset and cost.

2. Development

Once we establish clear project requirements and prepare SRS, the process of project implementation accompanied by testing starts.

3. Delivery

Project delivery starts directly after the code is tested and approved for release. After software is delivered, we provide ongoing support and on-demand refactoring.


When the tech specs are complete, we start the development process. Following Agile development principles and integrating quality assurance processes, we provide a working build of the app or web service as soon as possible to validate the app functionality meets the client’s expectations.

The Agile approach, together with weekly internal reports, helps us maintain a clear project vision and transparency in the project schedule. When the development is complete and all the system modules have successfully finished unit-testing, we set up additional mandatory internal testing.

After our testing is complete, our customer receives the final build and verifies deployment of the project. When all sides are completely satisfied with the quality and stability of the product – the project is finished and our clients gain all rights for the product.